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Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert W. Hooper, born and raised in Wanchese, NC has created a device that prevents trash cans from being blown all over a yard or into the street. Whether by wind or animal, trash cans are frequently being knocked over and blown around. Waking up to loose scattered trash all over the yard is no fun, especially when your're late to work or have kids to get on the school bus. It's not only unsightly but unsanitary as well. In turn, Inventor Hooper created the Can Stand. Now magnets will prevent empty or full cans from blowing over, thus keeping ones yard tidy and their neighborhood a uniform, structured community that stays clean! As a sanitation truck driver, Inventor Hooper dumps between 700 and 1,000 trash cans on a busy day. If even half of those cans had the Can Stand, he knows it would make a huge difference! This clever new invention uses magnetic force to hold cans in place. The invention would be installed at the curb for garbage pickup and could be installed near the house where the cans are stored, too. Base on high end models will notify you when the can has been dumped via email or text. Invention is universal and works with any trash can or recycling can. This product is environmentally friendly and reduces pollution!! Can Stand is maintenance free, you can mow right over top of it.

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